Construction workers often work in dangerous conditions with many employees operating heavy equipment in a confined area.    Serious injuries can and do happen all the time.  When a construction worker is injured, often a worker’s compensation case may be filed.   A question I am often asked is whether a third-party when the injury was caused by the negligence of another worker on the construction site.   The answer is often yes.  For example, if an employee of another subcontractor accidently runs over your foot, a claim may be brought against that negligent worker and the company that he works for.    Or, if an employee is on an errand, going to pick up supplies for example, and is injured in a traffic accident.  In such an accident, there may be a worker’s compensation claim in addition to claim against the other driver’s insurance company.    Injuries that occur on the job site may also result in claims against the subcontractor who created a hazard or the contractor who was in control of the jobsite.  Often, there is a general contractor who is responsible for overall safety on the job site.   The controlling contractor may be responsible for holding safety meetings and advising workers of any hidden hazards on the worksite.   Hazardous conditions may need to be eliminated and the contractor who creates a hazardous condition, for example, failing to lockout and tagout an electrical hazard, may be liable for injuries caused by failing to take appropriate action.   Many workers’ compensation lawyers do not handle third-party cases and therefore, even if you have a workers’ compensation lawyer, you may still need to meet with a lawyer experienced in handling personal injury cases, and in particular, construction site injury cases.  Often, such cases involve a thorough knowledge of OSHA safety regulations that apply to construction workers.    Do not hesitate to call if you have been injured on a job site.

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